New winter tire for Vredestein

After the success of the Ultrac Sessanta, the Ultrac Cento and Ultrac Vorti, the Dutch tire manufacturer Vredestein presents its new high performance winter tire: Snowtrac 5. This is a mix of technological innovation and manufacturing methods. Indeed, for more than 100 years, the success of the brand based on quality tires for excellent rolling resistance and

Michelin, 90 seconds in the mind of a racer

The famous tire manufacturer Michelin has made a great video of the Le Mans 24 Hours, entitled “We are racers: 90 seconds in the mind of a racer.” Through this short film, Michelin wants to demonstrate its expertise and performance of its tires. Michelin has fitted in this race of manufacturers, including Audi, Toyota or

Winter coming and, even on dry roads, summer tyres lose grip Contrary to received ideas, winter tyres are not designed just for snow. Manufacturers tires recommend to mount winter tires when temperatures go below 7°. Because under this temperature, summer tires gum would not be suitable for safety reasons. many of our neighbors have forced

Continental announce 170 000 recall

The manufacturer Continental has recently announced that certain models of tires for motorcycles were irregular. Brand have to recall 170,000 tires all around the world. Continental Tire: A tread strip inappropriate Indeed, it would be a manufacturing problem on the tread or belt which could result in separation of the two elements. However, there is no need

How to choose your winter tire ?

Summer come at the end, it’s time to think about put your winter tire on your car. In only a couple of weeks, there will be time to change to winter hours and, adapt your tires to this weather. Therefore, we offer you a quick view about these famous winter tires, which should avoid you